Upto 4% Daily Guarantee
Trust The EOS Blockchain

The project is developed on top of the EOS Blockchain with the promise of immutability, trustlessness, and transparency for all deposits. Not a single deposit that a user makes can land into the hands of the Owners. Conversely, all the deposits are locked under the smart contract and is distributed as daily investment returns for all participants.

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Introducing 400 EOS

Welcome to the new era of investing.

400EOS.com is one of the pioneer projects built on top of the EOS Blockchain where you are guaranteed to earn returns from 3.5% to 4.0% DAILY!

As 400EOS.com stores all the deposits on the blockchain, trust is only placed on a series of programming codes that runs by itself in an immutable environment.


Upto 4% Daily Payouts

Withdraw as soon as you at least 0.0001 EOS

10 to 50

3.5% daily

50 to 200

3.6% daily

200 to 500

3.7% daily

500 to 1000

3.82% daily


4% daily

Get Started With 400EOS

Start earning dividends with 3 simple steps


Create EOS Wallet

Make sure to have an EOS account. For a tutorial on how to create, Click Here


Deposit EOS

Send EOS to the smart contract address or use the "Invest" button below to deposit.


Withdraw Dividends

Click "Withdraw" button below to withdraw your dividends anytime.

Invest with Scatter

Withdrawable Dividend

Approximately 0 EOS/Minute
🚫Dividends stop accumlating after 24 hours

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Refer others using the referral link below to earn 0.5% of their investment amount daily.

Why Choose Us

Minimum Investment 10 EOS

No Owner can control the contract

Trusted and Fair

Backed by the EOS Blockchain

Daily Automatic Payouts

Distribution of Investment

  • Dividend Pool (88%)
  • Marketing (6%)
  • RAM and CPU (2%)
  • Technical Team & Founders (2%)
  • Administrative Costs (2%)

Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed 400EOS.com contract on top of the EOS Blockchain, harnessing the capabilities and functions of immutability, trustless and transparency for all your deposits. Not a single EOS deposit that you make can ever land into the hands of the owners and all the deposits are locked under the EOS contract and are distributed as daily investment returns for all participants.

Just treat the 400EOS.com smart contract as an independent robot and does what it is programmed to do in an environment where its actions are immutable from any manipulations from either third party or the Creators.